Leo Liu: Pop Art & Whimsical Colors

Leo Liu: Pop Art & Whimsical Colors
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Leo Liu's success in the field is nothing short of extraordinary, having been crowned the United Overseas Bank Limited (UOB)'s Platinum Award Winner in UOB's 2012 Painting of The Year competition. The paintings that further propelled Liu's success in the art field were his lion series. They were featured in his solo art exhibition – 'The Art of Leo'. In this series, a realistically rendered Asian Chinese Guard lion takes center stage across the canvas against a boldly coloured background; reminiscent of pop art. In collaboration with CanvasLand, Leo will be debuting his all-new 'Pop Art & Whimsical Colors' series, which his first digital art series that encompasses 3 of his trademark collections - his 'lion head', 'clouds' and 'duck' series, all into one poingnant NFT collection. His pieces will be exclusively available for auction as exciting animated NFTs.

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